Born in Latisana, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Italy.

Sun in Cancer, moon in Scorpio, rising Aquarius.


Teresa Cos explores repetition as the basic mode of contemporary life; chance and improvisation as agents to disrupt it. Her work encompasses audiovisual installations, experimental music performances and visual scores.


Teresa lives in London and spends a lot of time in Brussels. She has exhibited and performed at Casino Luxembourg, KANAL-Centre Pompidou, ARGOS Centre for Art and Media, WIELS Contemporary Arts Centre, Les Ateliers Claus, The MAC-Metropolitan Arts Centre Belfast, Drodesera/Live Works Festival, Careof Milano, Oberhausen Film Festival and the 14th Venice International Architecture Biennale among others.


Teresa has taken part in several international residency programmes and workshops, including Q-O2, WIELS, Jan Van Eyck Academy, Visio-European Program on Artists’ Moving Images and the Botín Foundation workshop with Tacita Dean.


Film collection and distribution:

ARGOS Centre for Art and Media





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