Nine digital collages of different sizes, artist book, diagram, two colour photographs, 2012.


Produced with the support of Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa.

The work installed at Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice.

For seven months I obsessively recorded with my iPhone the view from the window of each airplane I took to travel back and forth London and Venice, the window seat being the only place I could find some peace, overwhelmed as I was by the realisation that

I had become a European nomad. I kept crossing the Alps, every trip disclosing memories, new mountain rifts or enclosed valleys or villages. In the time of a veer the same lake would look different and I was reminded that perspective, after all, is only a human invention. The work was exhibited as large prints reproducing on the walls the recorded flights and at the center of the room five concertinas springing out of a black box, which recalls the mysterious black box investigators look for after plane crashes. They consist of the same photographs composed on the walls; each photograph contains within a circle a portion of a photograph taken on the next flight, which contains within a circle a portion of a photograph belonging to the next flight again, and so on, suggesting the perpetual alternation of departure and destination. A diagramatic drawing contains the flights data collected online, together with elements of zen philosophy of space and time and are kept together by a symbolic ‘enso’, a circle that indicates perpetual becoming. The diagram is a sort of instruction manual, both for the audience and to the artist.

Details from artist book.