∞,  2017-

As a painter would have a regular practice of sketching preparatory drawings for her pictures, I regularly embark in improvised music sessions that make use of loop machines and effects to generate layers of guitar, voice and percussions melodies. Every session

can rage from few minutes to an hour, is unique and recorded including ambience sounds.

The recording is deliberately lo-fi, encapsulating the room and body sounds and archived unedited. The recordings include those "mistakes" that one can only accept and use when adding another loop phrase. The archive constitutes the main source from which I select fragments to be edited and composed in my film works and live performances. I have started working on the idea of a computer script that will scan the entire length of the loops archive and will continuously and “infinitely” select 30 random seconds to be reproduced at a time.

A loop within loops, which allows value and memory to emerge out of synchronicities, appearing and disappearing.