Sound archive,  2017-

The Archive of Loops is an expanding archive of sound improvisations, which the artist regularly performs and records in her studio. Making use of looper and effect pedals she generates layers of voice, guitar, percussions and found instruments, in unique sessions that can last in between few minutes and an hour. Each session is recorded encapsulating room and accidental sounds and is archived unedited. The archive is at once a rehearsal ground for live performances and the source material for compositions that play along with the artist's films and video installations and crystallise in yearly releases (The Archive of Loops: Volumes). The Archive of Loops can also be presented intact and in its relative entirety, reproduced by a script created in collaboration with ALMARE that randomly skips 31 seconds in 31 seconds within the overall duration. At each interval the script displays on a screen the recording date of the following track fragment, for the time needed for it to be loaded. While the content of the archive presents itself as an intimate, spontaneous and inconclusive sonic diary, the automated reproduction mimics the average behaviour of the users of the digital music platform Spotify. Data analysis reveals that 35% of users, a percentage that increases up to 50% with age decrease, skips from one song to the next before 30 seconds have elapsed, hence before a song is counted as a stream and its author granted their share of royalties.



Studio setup at Q-O2, Brussels