∞,  2017-

The Archive of Loops contains improvised music sessions, where the artist makes use

of looper machines and effect pedals to generate layers of voice, guitar, percussions

and found instruments. Every session can range from few minutes to an hour, is unique, recorded encapsulating room and body sounds and archived unedited. The sessions play with the notion of internalisation and are always cut between the potential of becoming something and failing at it completely; sketches of moods and memories, a quasi sonic diary, the rehearsal ground for live performances and the source material for compositions that play along with the artist's films and crystallise in collections (The Archive of Loops: Volumes). The Archive of Loops exhibits itself scanned in its entire length by a computer script, continuously and infinitely selecting 30 random seconds to be reproduced at a time.

A loop within loops, which allows value and memory to emerge out of synchronicities, appearing and disappearing. The Volumes are yearly releases of re-composed collections

of fragments from the archive. Vol.1 is 2017, Vol.2 is 2018, Vol.3 will be 2019 and so on.

The Archive of Loops can be performed live in the presence of an audience both in solo

and group sessions.



Studio setup at Q-O2, Brussels