Two-channel full HD video installation, stereo sound, 20 min, 2017.

Developed with the kind support of the WIELS Contemporary Art Center's residency program.

Collection/Distribution: ARGOS Centre for Art and Media.

"Countless people die everyday, yet those who remain live as if they were immortal." *


UU is a montage of videos and fragments of improvised music and found audio, building a parallel between

the mutable flows of human desire and the given historical time in which a lifetime unfolds. Combining filmed and archival footage, the videos are merged and mirrored into sequences in which encounters with political institutions (EU/UN), dancing crowds, internal monologues and memento mori stretch and contract the perception of proximity and distance across different scales. Participating in the same generative system are the fragments of music which belong to the artist’s growing archive of improvised compositions of looped vocals, percussions and guitar,

a regular practice in which she plays with the idea of challenging mechanical repetition by producing and disrupting repetition itself.


* Third book of the Mahābhārata, as quoted by Carlo Rovelli in L’ordine del tempo, Adelphi, 2017


The link to watch the full film is available upon request.

Film stills and Installation views in the WIELS Contemporary Art Centre.